Nonprofit Pre-settlement Funding for Plaintiffs

Non-recourse Settlement Advances with Low, Simple Interest

10% Simple Interest

The Milestone Foundation provides financial assistance to people pursuing a personal injury lawsuit who are struggling to make ends meet. Being a nonprofit organization enables us to advance settlement funding to plaintiffs at low-cost and simple interest – a unique model in the plaintiff-funding industry.

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Contributing to our foundation will allow us to provide more plaintiffs with the funding they need to cover essential costs of living. There are many ways the join the cause.

The [Milestone] Foundation has helped several of my clients in their dire moment of need. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Kevin M., Attorney

Finally! An organization dedicated to compassion, professionalism and client service. The [Milestone] Foundation truly puts people over profits.

Paula B., Attorney

I was in a car accident and got behind in my bills. They were there for me and my family.

Louise H., Plaintiff

A stupendous organization! I am severely disabled with high bills from needing to pay caregivers to care for me. In my time of need, [they] came through.

Nikki D., Plaintiff