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Non-recourse Settlement Advances with Low, Simple Interest

What We Do

The Milestone Foundation provides financial assistance to individuals pursuing a lawsuit while facing financial hardships. Being a nonprofit organization enables us to advance settlement funding to plaintiffs at low-cost and simple interest – a unique model in the plaintiff-funding industry. Since our founding, the Milestone Foundation has empowered more than 750 individuals & families totaling more than $5 million advanced to plaintiffs in need.

10% Simple Interest

We require our recipients to repay the original loan amount, plus 10% simple interest, to replenish funds for future applicants.
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Role Available: Case Manager of The Milestone Foundation

Full-time employmentBuffalo, NY officeThe Milestone Foundation was founded in 2016 to be an alternative for plaintiffs seeking financial support while they proceed through litigation. In an industry full of predatory lending companies, the Milestone Foundation emerged as the only non-profit organization, to provide fair, low-interest funding to families to help

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Contributing to our foundation will allow us to provide more plaintiffs with the funding they need to cover essential costs of living. There are many ways the join the cause.

The [Milestone] Foundation has helped several of my clients in their dire moment of need. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Kevin M., Attorney

Finally! An organization dedicated to compassion, professionalism and client service. The [Milestone] Foundation truly puts people over profits.

Paula B., Attorney

I was in a car accident and got behind in my bills. They were there for me and my family.

Louise H., Plaintiff

A stupendous organization! I am severely disabled with high bills from needing to pay caregivers to care for me. In my time of need, [they] came through.

Nikki D., Plaintiff