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The Milestone Foundation is looking to partner with other nonprofits and private organizations. The Seventh Amendment is a pillar in our justice system. Our forefathers enforced people’s right to level the playing field against large corporations. This belief system is deeply ingrained in the fabric of The Milestone Foundation, and our team is committed to its preservation through ethical funding for families.

It’s Time for Change.

The for-profit, non-recourse industry isn’t regulated. As a result, some companies’ business models and guarantees to their investors mean usury interest rates for the families who need that money the most. Paying back the advance with interest often means exhausting their settlement recovery and more.

The Milestone Foundation is encouraging downward pressure on these interest rates and starting an open conversation about the ethical way to fund families.

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Become a Strategic Partner with Our Foundation

In the interest of the community and the public, your organization can help The Milestone Foundation pursue the fundamental right of our Seventh Amendment. By collaborating with us, you’ll be raising awareness and serving your own constituencies at the same time. Our long-term goal is to see philanthropic organizations working in the non-recourse space in every state in the United States. Help us get there by joining our movement today. To learn more, email