2022 Co-founders Letter

February 7, 2022

Dear friends,

What’s in a name? We founded the Bairs Foundation in order to disrupt the predatory plaintiff-lending industry by providing simple, low-interest loans to individuals in need. We believe in this mission so much that we attached our name to the foundation, signaling to the world our commitment to pursuing fair lending for plaintiffs.

Since the foundation’s launch six years ago, we have achieved many incredible milestones. In the past year alone, the Bairs Foundation had our first ever phone-a-thon, which helped us raise over $50,000 that went directly to helping plaintiffs in need. We also made our first appearance at an American Association for Justice conference, where we were able to make new connections and educate those in the trial lawyer community on the work that we do.

Foundation 2022 Co-founders Letter-2

We had a transition in leadership, and now have a new executive director at the helm (you can learn about Erin Waas here). We’ve hired our first full-time case manager, and our foundation team is working diligently every day to ensure we are helping plaintiffs in their pursuit of civil justice. We foresee many additional milestones ahead – from the launch of our national pooled special needs trust to an emphasis on raising more funds than ever to help us expand our reach to plaintiffs throughout the country.

In recognition of our achievements and in anticipation of chasing our ambitious goals in the coming years, we have decided to rename the foundation. Going forward, we will be known as The Milestone Charitable Foundation. This is an exciting opportunity for The Milestone Foundation to reach even more individuals who already trust in the name and services associated with the Milestone brand. While it is bittersweet that the foundation will no longer bear the name of our family, we will still be invested in the success of The Milestone Foundation as active members of the board.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the Bairs Foundation in the past, whether it be through a donation or spreading the word about us and our mission. We are celebrating our rebranding to The Milestone Foundation and our role as founders by matching any $100 donation made in the month of February. Please visit themilestonefoundation.org/support to make your gift, which will have a direct impact on plaintiffs in need.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns to info@themilestonefoundation.org.

With Love,

John and Amy Bair