The Consumer Litigation Funding Act: Empowering Consumers and Promoting Fairness

The Consumer Litigation Funding Act: Empowering Consumers and Promoting Fairness The Senate's recent approval of the Consumer Litigation Funding Act (S4146B) is a major step toward protecting consumers involved in litigation funding. Sponsored by Senator Cooney, this pivotal legislation seeks to regulate the consumer litigation funding industry in New York State, promoting transparency, fairness,

The True Cost of Consumer Litigation Funding: Payday Loans Versus Nonrecourse Funding

The True Cost of Consumer Litigation Funding: Payday Loans Versus Nonrecourse Funding “When you need money, you don’t care how much it will cost” is a sentiment shared by many plaintiffs in their search for pre-settlement funding.   Knowing they will have incoming settlement funds that are not yet accessible can be particularly stressful– especially

20 Questions with our Executive Director, Mike Volpe

The Milestone Foundation is pleased to announce the newest addition to our team: Michael Volpe, who joins us as Executive Director. In a high-energy first week, Mike was thrown into our 2023 Giving Tuesday Campaign; although this was no match for our Executive Director, who comes to us from D’Youville University and has worked

Fair Pre-Settlement Funding – An Oxymoron or a Viable Alternative?

The following article was contributed to Litigation Finance Journal by Julia DiCristofaro, program administrator at The Milestone Foundation. “I have a good client who is in need of pre-settlement funding, which I almost always advise against. But she is desperate, and this case will settle soon. Do you think you can help?” As program

What Happens When an Advance Repayment is Neglected?

In the pre-settlement funding world, a non-recourse advance only needs to be repaid if and when a plaintiff obtains a settlement. But when miscommunications occur, it’s possible that funding can go unpaid, and what happens then? Law360 published a story about an Ohio attorney who is now facing legal repercussions after failing to notify

Takeaways from Impact Litigation Funders Symposium

As a national nonprofit based in Buffalo, NY, The Milestone Foundation is committed to building meaningful relationships with attorneys and related organizations around the country. Thus, we jumped at the opportunity to attend the inaugural Impact Litigation Funders Symposium in February 2023. This symposium was held directly before the Impact Fund’s annual Class Action

2023 Co-founders’ Letter

Dear friends, It’s no secret that we are all living in increasingly uncertain economic times. With rising interest rates and inflation, many individuals are more desperate for financial assistance than ever. At the same time, banks are tightening their lending standards, making it harder for people to stay above water financially during their lawsuits.

Our Inaugural Compassionate Counsel Awards Ceremony Was a Success!

The Milestone Foundation began 2023 by celebrating the humanitarian efforts of a group of outstanding attorneys. Honorees were awarded our inaugural Compassionate Counsel Award in Miami, FL, at our Cocktail for a Cause event. We are grateful for the support from our attendees and sponsors, as this celebration would not have been possible without them.

Reflections on World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is February 4. The day acknowledges the heartache and triumph of cancer survivors across the globe, and its slogan close the care gap aims to diminish the inequalities of patient care across the world. This campaign specifically highlights the differences in prognoses and treatments across one’s county, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic

This Season of Giving, Help Families Keep Their Homes for the Holidays

As we make plans to travel or welcome guests this holiday season, it’s difficult to imagine that many plaintiffs and their families are facing the threat of homelessness. Injured and often out of work, they have been tapping into their savings to keep the lights on, put food on the table, and stay in