Our civil justice system is ever-evolving. Organizations like the American Bar Association look out for citizens’ best interests and push for improvements to our legal system that help level the playing field. Last month, the ABA achieved a big step forward in increasing access to justice. 

Resolution 115, which received overwhelming approval by the House of Delegates, calls for exploring innovations that might improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of civil legal services for Americans. The resolution says, in part:

“The American Bar Association encourages U.S. jurisdictions to consider innovative approaches to the access to justice crisis in order to help the more than 80% of people below the poverty line and the majority of middle-income Americans who lack meaningful access to legal services when facing critical civil legal issues, such as child custody, debt collection, eviction, and foreclosure.”

This legislation is an exciting one for the Bairs Foundation, as it echoes our commitment to providing plaintiffs with the resources they need to pursue justice. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization provides financial assistance to families who need help paying for basic living expenses during the course of litigation. Unlike many companies in the for-profit funding industry, we charge low interest, so plaintiffs who need help during litigation do not have to decide among taking whatever they can get, dropping their lawsuit, or being financially broken after settlement. Giving them the help they need at a low cost is our innovative way of helping low-income Americans have better access to justice. We are cheering on Resolution 115 and look forward to seeing the efforts that come from it.