As we make plans to travel or welcome guests this holiday season, it’s difficult to imagine that many plaintiffs and their families are facing the threat of homelessness. Injured and often out of work, they have been tapping into their savings to keep the lights on, put food on the table, and stay in their homes. By this holiday season, there could be no money left – unless we help them.

At The Milestone Foundation, we provide funding to plaintiffs in need, year-round, so they can cover living expenses until settlement arrives. The truth is, we’re burning through our own funds so fast that we may need to turn away new plaintiffs for the remainder of 2022. But if we turn our applications off, how many families will have their lights turned off? Or lose their car, or get evicted?

Your contribution could make all the difference this holiday season. It may not be your loved one in this predicament right now, but it could be. During this season of giving, we are asking for your support so our nonprofit can keep protecting more families from losing everything.

Your Donation Grows

Every dollar donated goes to plaintiffs who need help paying basic living expenses while they await their settlement. As funds are paid back to The Milestone Foundation, plus low, simple interest, they become available to help another family – or ten.

This season of giving, please support our mission to provide ethical funding to those seeking justice. The impact of your donation will carry through the holidays and long beyond.

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