As the only non-profit providing plaintiff funding in the country, we pride ourselves on being the antithesis of predatory for-profit lending companies. We know how stressful and taxing going through litigation can be after experiencing a trauma- so we make it our mission to fight for the plaintiff to get as much as they deserve at the end of a settlement.

It happens all too often:

During litigation, some injured plaintiffs struggle to put food on the table while awaiting settlement. After exhausting their savings and all other options, they may turn to a for-profit funding company for help. However, these companies’ astronomical compound interest rates can cause even deeper financial trouble. The Bairs Foundation is an alternative solution.

Our foundation does things differently:

We provide financial assistance with low, simple interest to plaintiffs in need, so they can pay the bills while pursuing justice – without breaking the bank afterward.

For us, it’s not about collecting as much money as possible. Here’s how our funding process works:

  • Once a plaintiff applies for funding from the Bairs Foundation, we begin a thoughtful review process to ensure we understand the breadth of their needs.
  • The goal is to provide just the needed amount, so repayment later is as easy as possible.
  • And here’s the best part: After the plaintiff pays us back, those funds, plus interest, go on to help the next plaintiff in need.
Pre-settlement Plaintiff Funding

How plaintiffs in need can apply

Our application is available at Plaintiffs and their attorneys can also call us at (716) 970-7100 or email

Help us help others

Every day, our foundation helps people who have had an incident upend their lives. To continue to change the landscape of litigation finance, we need your support. Please consider contributing to our out-of-the-box solution that’s helping everyday Americans keep a roof over their heads while they seek justice.