The Milestone Foundation had a booth space for the first time at the American Association for Justice 2021 Annual Convention in Las Vegas, NV. It was my first time as Executive Director of the foundation attending an AAJ convention, and the experience was something that, well … happened in Vegas but didn’t stay in Vegas! We made a lot of new connections and also got a chance to meet with current law firms that we are very fortunate to work with.

Lucky Table

We had a backdrop at AAJ that shows how we help plaintiffs in need of funding as a 501(c)(3) and how our model helps pay it forward to more and more families. We had some great giveaways at booth space #219, including a bottle opener to open up the conversation, decks of playing cards to help with our dealings, and magnets to help us stick in the minds of everyone that we met!

Bairs at AAJ Convention

OK… enough with the swag puns.

We were among many great exhibitors at the convention – but we stood out as the only nonprofit that exhibited. It gave us an amazing opportunity to show how we are changing the pre-settlement funding industry. And after all our Vegas adventures, we’re confident that many more people now know why and how we provide low-cost advances to help families cover basic living expenses, such as housing, food, and utilities, as they seek justice for their personal injuries.