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Standing Out in the Pre-settlement Plaintiff Funding Industry

As the only non-profit providing plaintiff funding in the country, we pride ourselves on being the antithesis of predatory for-profit lending companies. We know how stressful and taxing going through litigation can be after experiencing a trauma- so we make it our mission to fight for the plaintiff to get as much as they

Why won’t legal funders be honest about costs?

For-profit funders will often seek out plaintiffs in tough spots and essentially exploit them, loaning them money without making it clear what they might owe back once their settlement comes in.

Our Campaign for Justice

If you’ve heard about our foundation, you know that we are shaking up the norm in the plaintiff funding industry. Unlike the for-profit companies who charge exorbitant interest rates and make the cost of capital expensive for plaintiffs in need, the Bairs Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides funding with low, simple interest. Our

Funder poses another NFL litigation issue

U.S. District Court Judge Anita Brody voided all existing funding agreements with the former players, so Thrivest Specialty Funding sought to have the matter sent to arbitration.

Giving back to those who have given so much

We are grateful for our veterans’ service and sacrifice. And in our little corner of the civil justice space, our nonprofit is proud to serve them in our own way when they need help making ends meet during litigation.

The Milestone Foundation Announces Ambassador Program

The Bairs Foundation Ambassador Program brings together a network of trial lawyers and civil justice stakeholders who have an appreciation for the work the Foundation does, and who want to contribute to its continued success.

John Bair Wins Paul Chapman Award

The Foundation for Improvement of Justice has named John Bair among its recipients of the 2019 Paul H. Chapman Award. The foundation is honoring John for his efforts to assist plaintiffs with financial support while they go through litigation, and for his creation of the Bairs Foundation to reform the non-recourse lending industry.

The Bairs Foundation’s 2019 Co-Founders Letter

Our foundation is pleased to share this year’s cofounders’ letter. We think that the protection and guidance that litigants receive during the course of their lawsuit speaks volumes about our Seventh Amendment and the Civil Justice system in general.